WeatherGuide is available on the Android Market

January 28, 2012

It’s up!  The more I work with Android, the more I much prefer it to doing iPhone apps.  Most importantly, the time from submitting the app to getting an approval is only hours instead of days.  The three previous ones will remain on, but all future ones will go on the Market.  If you would like to see, just go to the Android Market and search for “WeatherGuide”.

The device I use to make sure the app really runs on a device, it the Acer A500 tablet.  When I originally brought it home from BestBuy, I couldn’t get it to log onto the wireless port on my router.  I knew that the router was working properly, as I have several other computers in the wired ports, and an iPod Touch connected via the wireless port.  A scan of the web showed that apparently a lot of people were having the same problem.  The next day I went back to BestBuy to return it.

I was met by a most capable young woman who asked if she could have a look at it.  In short order she had it surfing the web on the store’s unencrypted hot spot.  I asked her if it could somehow be tested on an encrypted port, since I have mine locked with WPA an thought that might be where the problem was.  In short order, she took out her phone, turned on its hot spot, and configured my tablet to work on it.  No problem.  The tablet worked on her WPA locked phone hot spot just fine.

My fault (it always is darn it!).  Since I had put the other computers on fixed IP addresses, I had turned off the router’s DHCP server.  Turning it back on did the trick and now the Acer is doing quite well.  Acer uses their own version of the Android operating system and had some problems with wi-fi.  Fortunately, by the time I bought mine the problem had been cleared.

The net result is the A500, and BestBuy’s tech department, are all working just fine.

I might add the the A500 GPS is doing quite well too. I threw together a prototype app to see just how well it worked.  Notwithstanding the Android documentation that says you have to be outdoors, the A500 quickly acquired 8, and sometimes 10 satellites right away and gave a location.  All while sitting inside at the computer table in out of the modest cool of our would be winter.  Only thing is, you’d better not fly with one.  The altitude reading it gave claimed I was 10 meters underground.  I do live in a coastal area, just about 30 miles from the water.  Altitude about 120 feet above sea level.

I’d appreciate your comments if you’ve downloaded WeatherGuide.  Hope you’ll have some, and for that matter on the three I have on


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